June 4 All Events

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June 4th, 2008 (June 04 2008)DeathNikos Sergianopoulos, Greek actor (born in 1952)
June 4th, 2007 (June 04 2007)DeathClete Boyer, American baseball player (born in 1937)
June 4th, 2007 (June 04 2007)DeathJim Clark, American sheriff and segregationist (born in 1922)
June 4th, 2007 (June 04 2007)DeathBill France Jr., NASCAR pioneer (born in 1933)
June 4th, 2007 (June 04 2007)DeathSotiris Moustakas, Greek actor (born in 1940)
June 4th, 2007 (June 04 2007)DeathFreddie Scott, American singer and songwriter (born in 1933)
June 4th, 2007 (June 04 2007)DeathCraig L. Thomas, United States Senator (born in 1933)
June 4th, 2004 (June 04 2004)DeathSteve Lacy, American saxophonist (born in 1934)
June 4th, 2004 (June 04 2004)DeathNino Manfredi, Italian actor (born in 1921)
June 4th, 2002 (June 04 2002)DeathFernando Belaunde Terry, Peruvian politician (born in 1912)
June 4th, 2001 (June 04 2001)EventGyanendra, the last King of Nepal, ascends to the throne after the massacre in the Royal Palace.
June 4th, 2001 (June 04 2001)DeathDipendra of Nepal (born in 1971)
June 4th, 2001 (June 04 2001)DeathJohn Hartford, American musician (born in 1937)John Hart Quotes
June 4th, 1998 (June 04 1998)EventTerry Nichols is sentenced to life in prison for his role in the Oklahoma City bombing.
June 4th, 1997 (June 04 1997)DeathRonnie Lane, British bass player (born in 1946)
June 4th, 1994 (June 04 1994)DeathDerek Leckenby, British guitarist (Herman s Hermits) (born in 1943)
June 4th, 1994 (June 04 1994)DeathMassimo Troisi, Italian actor (born in 1953)
June 4th, 1992 (June 04 1992)BirthDino Jelusic, Croatian singer
June 4th, 1992 (June 04 1992)DeathCarl Stotz, American Little League Founder (born in 1910)
June 4th, 1991 (June 04 1991)EventThe United Kingdom s Conservative government announces that some British regiments would disappear or be merged into others - the largest armed forces cuts in almost twenty years.
June 4th, 1989 (June 04 1989)EventAli Khamenei is elected the new Supreme Leader of Islamic republic of Iran by the Assembly of Experts after the death of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.Ruhollah Khomeini Quotes
June 4th, 1989 (June 04 1989)EventTiananmen Square protests are violently ended in Beijing by People s Liberation Army. Many people are killed.
June 4th, 1989 (June 04 1989)EventSolidarity s victory in the first partly free parliamentary elections in post-war Poland sparks off a succession of peaceful anti-communist revolutions in Eastern Europe and leads to the creation of the so-called Contract Sejm.
June 4th, 1989 (June 04 1989)EventUfa train disaster: A natural gas explosion near Ufa, Russia, kills 575 as two trains passing each other throw sparks near a leaky pipeline.
June 4th, 1989 (June 04 1989)DeathDik Browne, American cartoonist (born in 1917)
June 4th, 1988 (June 04 1988)BirthLeigh Adams, Australian Footballer
June 4th, 1986 (June 04 1986)EventJonathan Pollard pleads guilty to espionage for selling top secret United States military intelligence to Israel.
June 4th, 1986 (June 04 1986)BirthShane Kippel, Canadian actor
June 4th, 1985 (June 04 1985)BirthLukas Podolski, Polish-born footballer
June 4th, 1985 (June 04 1985)BirthBar Refaeli, Israeli model
June 4th, 1985 (June 04 1985)BirthEvan Lysacek, American figure skater
June 4th, 1985 (June 04 1985)BirthAna Carolina Reston, Brazilian fashion model (died in 2006)
June 4th, 1984 (June 04 1984)BirthIan White, Canadian hockey player
June 4th, 1984 (June 04 1984)BirthRainie Yang, Taiwanese singer and actress
June 4th, 1984 (June 04 1984)BirthJenaveve Jolie, Mexican-American pornographic actress
June 4th, 1983 (June 04 1983)BirthEmmanuel Eboue, Ivorian footballer
June 4th, 1982 (June 04 1982)BirthRonnie Prude, National Football League player
June 4th, 1982 (June 04 1982)BirthJin, Chinese-American rapper
June 4th, 1982 (June 04 1982)BirthJamie Dornan, Irish model and actor
June 4th, 1981 (June 04 1981)BirthT. J. Miller, American actor and comedian
June 4th, 1981 (June 04 1981)BirthGiourkas Seitaridis, Greek footballer
June 4th, 1980 (June 04 1980)BirthAlicja Janosz, Polish singer
June 4th, 1980 (June 04 1980)BirthFrancois Beauchemin, French Canadian ice hockey player
June 4th, 1979 (June 04 1979)EventFlight Lieutenant Jerry Rawlings takes power in Ghana after a military coup in which General Fred Akuffo is overthrown.
June 4th, 1979 (June 04 1979)BirthNaohiro Takahara, Japanese footballer
June 4th, 1979 (June 04 1979)BirthDaniel Vickerman, Australian rugby union player
June 4th, 1977 (June 04 1977)BirthDionisis Chiotis, Greek footballer
June 4th, 1977 (June 04 1977)BirthBerglind Icey, Icelandic actor
June 4th, 1977 (June 04 1977)BirthQuinten Hann, Australian former snooker player
June 4th, 1977 (June 04 1977)BirthAlex Manninger, Austrian footballer
June 4th, 1975 (June 04 1975)BirthRussell Brand, British comedian and television personality
June 4th, 1975 (June 04 1975)BirthHenry Burris, American Football Quarterback
June 4th, 1975 (June 04 1975)BirthAngelina Jolie, American actressAngelina Jolie Quotes
June 4th, 1974 (June 04 1974)BirthDarin Erstad, American baseball player
June 4th, 1974 (June 04 1974)BirthAndrew Gwynne, British politician
June 4th, 1974 (June 04 1974)BirthStefan Lessard, American musician
June 4th, 1973 (June 04 1973)EventA patent for the ATM is granted to Don Wetzel, Tom Barnes and George Chastain.Tom Ze Quotes
June 4th, 1973 (June 04 1973)DeathMaurice Rene Frechet, French mathematician (born in 1878)
June 4th, 1973 (June 04 1973)DeathMurry Wilson, father of Brian Wilson, Dennis Wilson and Carl Wilson (born in 1917)Brian Wilson Quotes
June 4th, 1972 (June 04 1972)BirthNikka Costa, American singer
June 4th, 1972 (June 04 1972)BirthDerian Hatcher, American ice hockey player
June 4th, 1972 (June 04 1972)BirthRob Huebel, American comedian
June 4th, 1971 (June 04 1971)BirthJoseph Kabila, Congolese politician
June 4th, 1971 (June 04 1971)BirthJames Callis, British actor
June 4th, 1971 (June 04 1971)BirthShoji Meguro, Japanese composer
June 4th, 1971 (June 04 1971)BirthNoah Wyle, American actor
June 4th, 1971 (June 04 1971)DeathGeorg Lukacs, Hungarian philosopher (born in 1885) Philo Quotes
June 4th, 1970 (June 04 1970)EventTonga gains independence from the United Kingdom.
June 4th, 1970 (June 04 1970)BirthRichie Hawtin, Canadian musician
June 4th, 1970 (June 04 1970)BirthDavid Pybus, British musician
June 4th, 1970 (June 04 1970)DeathSonny Tufts, American actor (born in 1911)
June 4th, 1969 (June 04 1969)BirthHoratio Sanz, Chilean-born comedian
June 4th, 1968 (June 04 1968)BirthScott Wolf, American actor
June 4th, 1968 (June 04 1968)BirthAl B. Sure, American R&B singer
June 4th, 1968 (June 04 1968)DeathDorothy Gish, American actress (born in 1898)
June 4th, 1967 (June 04 1967)EventStockport Air Disaster: British Midland flight G-ALHG crashes in Hopes Carr, Stockport, killing 72 passengers and crew.
June 4th, 1966 (June 04 1966)BirthCecilia Bartoli, Italian mezzo-soprano
June 4th, 1966 (June 04 1966)BirthVladimir Voevodsky, Russian mathematician
June 4th, 1965 (June 04 1965)BirthMick Doohan, Australian motorcycle racer
June 4th, 1965 (June 04 1965)BirthAndrea Jaeger, American tennis player
June 4th, 1964 (June 04 1964)BirthEva Fampas, Greek guitarist
June 4th, 1964 (June 04 1964)BirthSean Pertwee, English actor
June 4th, 1964 (June 04 1964)DeathSamuil Marshak, Russian poet (born in 1887)
June 4th, 1962 (June 04 1962)BirthZenon Jaskula, Polish cyclist
June 4th, 1962 (June 04 1962)BirthFerenc Gyurcsany, Hungarian prime minister
June 4th, 1962 (June 04 1962)BirthJohn P. Kee, American Gospel singer
June 4th, 1962 (June 04 1962)DeathClem McCarthy, American sportscaster (born in 1882)
June 4th, 1961 (June 04 1961)BirthEl DeBarge, American singer (DeBarge)
June 4th, 1960 (June 04 1960)BirthBradley Walsh, British actor
June 4th, 1957 (June 04 1957)BirthJohn Treacy, Irish athlete
June 4th, 1956 (June 04 1956)BirthMartin Adams, English darts player
June 4th, 1956 (June 04 1956)BirthKeith David, American actor
June 4th, 1956 (June 04 1956)BirthGerry Ryan, Irish radio talkshow host
June 4th, 1956 (June 04 1956)BirthJohn Hockenberry, American journalist
June 4th, 1956 (June 04 1956)BirthTerry Kennedy, American baseball player
June 4th, 1956 (June 04 1956)DeathKatherine MacDonald, American actress (born in 1881)
June 4th, 1955 (June 04 1955)BirthPaul Stewart, English writer
June 4th, 1955 (June 04 1955)BirthMary Testa, American stage actress
June 4th, 1953 (June 04 1953)BirthJimmy McCulloch, Scottish musician (died in 1979)
June 4th, 1953 (June 04 1953)BirthSusumu Ojima, Japanese entrepreneur (Huser)
June 4th, 1953 (June 04 1953)BirthPaul Samson, British guitarist (Samson) (died in 2002)
June 4th, 1952 (June 04 1952)BirthParker Stevenson, American actor and director
June 4th, 1951 (June 04 1951)BirthCharles Dickinson, American author
June 4th, 1951 (June 04 1951)BirthWendy Pini, American comic book writer and artist
June 4th, 1951 (June 04 1951)DeathSerge Koussevitsky, Russian conductor (born in 1874)
June 4th, 1950 (June 04 1950)BirthDagmar Krause, German singer (Slapp Happy, Henry Cow, Art Bears)
June 4th, 1950 (June 04 1950)BirthGeorge Noory, American radio personality
June 4th, 1950 (June 04 1950)BirthKevin Woodford, English celebrity chef
June 4th, 1949 (June 04 1949)BirthGabriel Arcand, French Canadian actor
June 4th, 1948 (June 04 1948)BirthBob Champion, English Jump Jockey
June 4th, 1947 (June 04 1947)BirthViktor Klima, Chancellor of Austria
June 4th, 1945 (June 04 1945)BirthAnthony Braxton, American composer and instrumentalist
June 4th, 1945 (June 04 1945)BirthGordon Waller, Scottish musician (Peter and Gordon)
June 4th, 1944 (June 04 1944)EventWorld War II: A hunter-killer group of the United States Navy captures the German submarine U-the first time a U.S. Navy vessel captured an enemy vessel at sea since the 19th century.
June 4th, 1944 (June 04 1944)EventWorld War II: Rome falls to the Allies, the first Axis capital to fall.
June 4th, 1944 (June 04 1944)BirthMichelle Phillips, American singer (The Mamas & the Papas) and actress
June 4th, 1943 (June 04 1943)EventA military coup in Argentina ousts Ramon Castillo.
June 4th, 1943 (June 04 1943)BirthJoyce Meyer, American religious leader
June 4th, 1942 (June 04 1942)EventWorld War II: Reinhard Heydrich is assassinated by Czechoslovak paratrooper in Prague (Operation Anthropoid).Reinhard Heydrich Quotes
June 4th, 1942 (June 04 1942)EventWorld War II: The Battle of Midway begins. Japanese Admiral Chuichi Nagumo orders a strike on Midway Island by much of the Imperial Japanese navy.Chuichi Nagumo Quotes
June 4th, 1942 (June 04 1942)DeathReinhard Heydrich, German SS senior officer and Nazi official, by assassination (born in 1904)Reinhard Heydrich Quotes
June 4th, 1941 (June 04 1941)DeathWilhelm II of Germany, German emperor (born in 1859)
June 4th, 1940 (June 04 1940)EventWorld War II: The Dunkirk evacuation endsBritish forces complete evacuation of 300,000 troops from Dunkirk in France.
June 4th, 1940 (June 04 1940)BirthCliff Bennett, British singer with the Rebel Rousers
June 4th, 1940 (June 04 1940)BirthLudwig Schwarz, Austrian bishop
June 4th, 1939 (June 04 1939)EventHolocaust: The SS St. Louis, a ship carrying 963 Jewish refugees, is denied permission to land in Florida, United States, after already being turned away from Cuba. Forced to return to Europe, many of its passengers later died in Nazi concentration camps.
June 4th, 1939 (June 04 1939)DeathTommy Ladnier, American musician (born in 1900)
June 4th, 1938 (June 04 1938)BirthArt Mahaffey, American baseball player
June 4th, 1937 (June 04 1937)BirthFreddy Fender, American musician (died in 2006)
June 4th, 1937 (June 04 1937)BirthRobert Fulghum, American authorRobert Fulghum Quotes
June 4th, 1937 (June 04 1937)BirthGorilla Monsoon, American professional wrestler (died in 1999)
June 4th, 1937 (June 04 1937)BirthMortimer Zuckerman, American publisher
June 4th, 1936 (June 04 1936)BirthBruce Dern, American actor
June 4th, 1935 (June 04 1935)BirthColette Boky, Quebec operatic soprano
June 4th, 1934 (June 04 1934)BirthSeamus Elliott, Irish cyclist (died in 1971)
June 4th, 1932 (June 04 1932)BirthOliver Nelson, American jazz composer and arranger (died in 1975)
June 4th, 1932 (June 04 1932)BirthMaurice Shadbolt, New Zealand writer
June 4th, 1932 (June 04 1932)BirthJohn Drew Barrymore, American actor (died in 2004)
June 4th, 1930 (June 04 1930)BirthMorgana King, American actress
June 4th, 1930 (June 04 1930)BirthViktor Tikhonov, Russian hockey player and coach
June 4th, 1929 (June 04 1929)BirthKarolos Papoulias, Greek politician
June 4th, 1929 (June 04 1929)DeathHarry Frazee, Boston Red Sox owner from 1916-1923 (born in 1881)
June 4th, 1928 (June 04 1928)EventPresident of the Republic of China Zhang Zuolin is assassinated by Japanese agents.
June 4th, 1928 (June 04 1928)BirthRuth Westheimer, German-born American sex therapist and author
June 4th, 1928 (June 04 1928)DeathZhang Zuolin, Chinese warlord (born in 1873)
June 4th, 1927 (June 04 1927)BirthGeoffrey Palmer, English actor
June 4th, 1926 (June 04 1926)BirthRobert Earl Hughes, American man who became the heaviest known human (died in 1958)Robert Hughes Quotes
June 4th, 1926 (June 04 1926)DeathFred Spofforth, Australian cricketer (born in 1853)
June 4th, 1924 (June 04 1924)BirthDennis Weaver, American actor (died in 2006)
June 4th, 1924 (June 04 1924)BirthTofilau Eti Alesana, former Prime Minister of Samoa (died in 1999)
June 4th, 1923 (June 04 1923)BirthElizabeth Jolley, Australian writer (died in 2007)
June 4th, 1922 (June 04 1922)DeathWilliam Halse Rivers Rivers, English doctor (born in 1864)
June 4th, 1921 (June 04 1921)BirthBobby Wanzer, American professional basketball player and coach
June 4th, 1920 (June 04 1920)EventHungary loses 71% of its territory and 63% of its population when the Treaty of Trianon is signed in Paris.
June 4th, 1919 (June 04 1919)EventWomen s rights: The U.S. Congress approves the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which guarantees suffrage to women, and sends it to the U.S. states for ratification.
June 4th, 1917 (June 04 1917)EventThe first Pulitzer Prizes are awarded: Laura E. Richards, Maude H. Elliott, and Florence Hall receive the first Pulitzer for biography (for Julia Ward Howe). Jean Jules Jusserand receives the first Pulitzer for history for his work With Americans of Past and Present Days. Herbert B. Swope receives the first Pulitzer for journalism for his work for the New York World.Julia Ward Howe Quotes
June 4th, 1917 (June 04 1917)BirthRobert Merrill, American baritone (died in 2004)
June 4th, 1916 (June 04 1916)BirthRobert F. Furchgott, American chemist, Nobel laureate
June 4th, 1916 (June 04 1916)BirthFernand Leduc, Canadian painter (The Automatistes)
June 4th, 1913 (June 04 1913)EventEmily Davison, a suffragette, runs out in front of King George V s horse, Anmer, at the Epsom Derby. She is trampled and dies a few days later, never having regained consciousness.
June 4th, 1912 (June 04 1912)EventMassachusetts becomes the first state of the United States to set a minimum wage.
June 4th, 1912 (June 04 1912)BirthRobert Jacobsen, Danish artist (died in 1993)
June 4th, 1910 (June 04 1910)BirthChristopher Sydney Cockerell, British engineer and inventor (died in 1999)
June 4th, 1907 (June 04 1907)BirthRosalind Russell, American actress (died in 1976)
June 4th, 1907 (June 04 1907)BirthJacques Roumain, Haitian writer (died in 1944)
June 4th, 1907 (June 04 1907)BirthPatience Strong, English poet and journalist (died in 1990)
June 4th, 1899 (June 04 1899)BirthHassan Fathy, Egyptian architect (died in 1989)
June 4th, 1894 (June 04 1894)BirthMadame Bolduc, French Canadian singer (died in 1941)
June 4th, 1887 (June 04 1887)BirthTom Longboat, marathon runner (died in 1949)
June 4th, 1881 (June 04 1881)BirthNatalia Goncharova, Russian painter (died in 1962)
June 4th, 1880 (June 04 1880)BirthClara Blandick, American actress (died in 1962)
June 4th, 1879 (June 04 1879)BirthMabel Lucie Attwell, English children s author and illustrator (died in 1964)
June 4th, 1878 (June 04 1878)EventCyprus Convention: The Ottoman Empire cedes Cyprus to the United Kingdom but retains nominal title.
June 4th, 1877 (June 04 1877)BirthHeinrich Wieland, German biochemist, Nobel laureate (died in 1957)
June 4th, 1876 (June 04 1876)EventAn express train called the Transcontinental Express arrives in San Francisco, California, via the First Transcontinental Railroad only 83 hours and 39 minutes after having left New York City.
June 4th, 1875 (June 04 1875)DeathEduard Morike, German poet (born in 1804)
June 4th, 1872 (June 04 1872)DeathJohan Rudolf Thorbecke, Dutch politician (born in 1798)
June 4th, 1867 (June 04 1867)BirthC.G.E. Mannerheim, Marshal, Supreme Commander and later President of Finland (died in 1951)
June 4th, 1866 (June 04 1866)BirthMiina Sillanpaa, Finnish politician (died in 1952)
June 4th, 1862 (June 04 1862)EventAmerican Civil War: Confederate troops evacuate Fort Pillow on the Mississippi River, leaving the way clear for Union troops to take Memphis, Tennessee.
June 4th, 1859 (June 04 1859)EventItalian Independence wars: In the Battle of Magenta, the French army, under Louis-Napoleon, defeat the Austrian army.
June 4th, 1830 (June 04 1830)DeathAntonio Jose de Sucre, Great Marshall of Ayacucho (born in 1795)
June 4th, 1821 (June 04 1821)BirthApollon Maykov, Russian poet (died in 1897)
June 4th, 1812 (June 04 1812)EventFollowing Louisiana s admittance as a U.S. state, the Louisiana Territory is renamed the Missouri Territory.
June 4th, 1802 (June 04 1802)EventGrieving over the death of his wife, Marie Clotilde of France, King Charles Emmanuel IV of Sardinia abdicates his throne in favor of his brother, Victor Emmanuel.
June 4th, 1801 (June 04 1801)BirthJames Pennethorne, English architect (died in 1871)
June 4th, 1801 (June 04 1801)DeathFrederick Muhlenberg, American statesman (born in 1750)
June 4th, 1798 (June 04 1798)DeathGiacomo Casanova, Italian womanizer and writer (born in 1725)Giacomo Casanova Quotes
June 4th, 1794 (June 04 1794)EventBritish troops capture Port-au-Prince in Haiti.
June 4th, 1792 (June 04 1792)EventCaptain George Vancouver claims Puget Sound for the Kingdom of Great Britain.
June 4th, 1787 (June 04 1787)BirthConstant Prevost, French geologist (died in 1856)
June 4th, 1784 (June 04 1784)EventMadame Elizabeth Thible becomes the first female balloonist.
June 4th, 1783 (June 04 1783)EventThe Montgolfier brothers publicly demonstrate their montgolfiere (hot air balloon).
June 4th, 1769 (June 04 1769)EventA transit of Venus is followed five hours later by a total solar eclipse, the shortest such interval in history.
June 4th, 1760 (June 04 1760)EventGreat Upheaval: New England planters arrive to claim land in Nova Scotia, Canada taken from the Acadians.
June 4th, 1754 (June 04 1754)BirthFranz Xaver, Baron Von Zach, Austrian editor and astronomer (died in 1832)
June 4th, 1744 (June 04 1744)BirthPatrick Ferguson, Scots army officer and rifle designer (died in 1780)
June 4th, 1738 (June 04 1738)BirthKing George III of Great Britain (died in 1820)
June 4th, 1704 (June 04 1704)BirthBenjamin Huntsman, English inventor and manufacturer (died in 1776)
June 4th, 1694 (June 04 1694)BirthFrancois Quesnay, French economist (died in 1774)
June 4th, 1665 (June 04 1665)BirthZacharie Robutel de La Noue, Canadian soldier (died in 1733)
June 4th, 1663 (June 04 1663)DeathWilliam Juxon, Archbishop of Canterbury (born in 1582)
June 4th, 1615 (June 04 1615)EventSiege of Osaka Forces under the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu take Osaka Castle in Japan.
June 4th, 1604 (June 04 1604)BirthClaudia de Medici, Grand Duchess of Tuscany (died in 1648)
June 4th, 1585 (June 04 1585)DeathMuretus, French humanist (born in 1526)
June 4th, 1584 (June 04 1584)EventSir Walter Raleigh establishes first English colony on Roanoke Island, old Virginia (now North Carolina).Sir Walter Raleigh Quotes
June 4th, 1489 (June 04 1489)BirthAntoine, Duke of Lorraine (died in 1544)
June 4th, 1463 (June 04 1463)DeathFlavio Biondo, Italian humanist (born in 1392) Bion Quotes
June 4th, 1394 (June 04 1394)BirthPhilippa of England, queen of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (died in 1430)
June 4th, 1394 (June 04 1394)DeathMary de Bohun, wife of Henry IV of England (born in c 1369)
June 4th, 1257 (June 04 1257)DeathDuke Przemysl I of Poland
June 4th, 1206 (June 04 1206)DeathAdele of Champagne, wife of Louis VII of France
June 4th, 1135 (June 04 1135)DeathEmperor Huizong of China (born in 1082)
June 4th, 1039 (June 04 1039)EventHenry III becomes Holy Roman Emperor.
June 4th, 1039 (June 04 1039)DeathConrad II, Holy Roman Emperor
June 4th, 0781 (June 04 0781)EventThe first historic solar eclipse is recorded in China.

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